Your Equipment Appraisal And
Equipment Brokerage Solution

 Here's The $1,000,000.00 Question Inquiring Business Owners
 Want To Know...
"How Do You Effectively And Efficiently SELL Your Equipment?"
Find Out How You Can Turn Equipment Into Cash!

Consideration #1:
Know The Fair Market Value Of The Equipment To Set The Sale Price.
Consideration #2:
Marketing And Industry Contact Are Just As Important As Setting The Equipment Price.
Consideration #3:
How Will The Equipment That Is Purchased Be Moved To The Buyer?


Before We Answer The $1,000,000.00 Question, You Must Know How We Arrive At The Answer!
Time is Money!  Don't hassle with newspaper ads that are costly and don't bring the buyers who are serious.  In fact, after a long day, who wants to return phone calls to "unqualified" buyers?  Isn't your time more valuable?
Turn To The Professionals At Asset Certified Appraisals For All Of Your Equipment Needs...
Competition today requires that businesses get a high return on tangible assets.  Idle equipment provides no return.  It drains cash, tying up critical working and growth capital.  What are you to do?  Rely on an auctioneer?  Place ads in your local paper?  Let's be honest...an auctioneer will essentially bring the lowest possible price.  Ads cost money and take up your valuable time.  Not to mention there is only a 50 / 50 chance you'll place the ad the day a potential buyer just happens to read your advertisement. You'll be wasting time and money!
Your Solution?
Rely on the skilled expertise of Asset Certified Appraisals.  We sell equipment fast and for top dollar.  That's because we are connected to a vast network of brokers spanning national and  international markets where the  demand for machinery and equipment of all types is growing.
 How Do You Benefit?
• Move The Equipment Quickly 
• Put Cash In Your Pocket 
• Maximize Your Time So You Won't Need To Deal With Buyers
• We'll handle the marketing to sell the equipment so you won't have the hassle, expense, and time involved.
You Have Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain!
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